Terms and Conditions



  1. This contract represents the complete terms and conditions between client and Haydee Dance.
  2. Haydee Dance shall provide entertainment at the location, date and time indicated by client in this form.
  3. Haydee will provide music in the form of MP3 or USB. An auxiliary cord will be needed to play the music if it is not Bluetooth capable. If a different method of music is needed, please let Haydee know at least 24 hours before the show. Client shall provide the total payment indicated in this form.
  4. A deposit in the amount indicated in this form should be paid for the date and time to be reserved.
  5. The remaining balance indicated in this form is due immediately upon arrival and must be paid in cash.
  6. A safe and free parking spot near the location of the performance should be provided.
  7. A private space should be provided for the performer(s) to change clothes and to store their bags while performing.
  8. A sound system capable of playing music from MP3 (phone) using AUX cord or Bluetooth should be provided. The louder the
    music the better for the performance. If a DJ will be present, please provide DJ's contact information to Haydee at least 48 hours before the show so that music arrangements in advance.
  9. A safe and adequate space for the performance shall be provided. This includes a floor or stage space that is free of broken glass, spilled liquids, or other hazardous objects.
  10. Please provide an environment that is free of harassment of a sexual nature or otherwise. If the performer(s) deem the environment unsafe for the above reasons, they may leave without rendering services and the remaning balance will still be due.
  11. The client shall communicate any special suggestions or requests prior to the performance. The performance has been carefully choreographed and it is difficult to make changes once it has begun. Be assured that, if appropriate, audience participation will be included. 
  12. Safety: Please make sure that your guests do not approach the dancer during the use of props such as wings, swords, candle tray, fans, fire, etc. This can pose a danger to your guests as well as to the dancer.
  13. Often Haydee will have more than one engagement per night, so it is important that the show starts at the agreed upon time. In some cases, lateness may result in a shorter show or constitute a breach of contract on the part of the client. In this case the remaining balance will still be due.
  14. Flexibility: Haydee reserves the right to cancel in the case of a serious emergency, inclement weather, or other legitimate condition beyond her control. In the event Haydee is unable to attend, she will send a substitute dancer approved by the client. If no substitute is available, the performance will be cancelled, deposit will be refunded and no remaining money will be owed.
  15. Cancellations: Please be aware that Haydee has rejected other work and plans to be at your event for the dates and times agreed upon. In the case of a serious emergency, inclement weather, or other legitimate condition beyond the client’s control, the deposit may be transferred towards a performance on a different date and/or time.
  16. Changes in Time: Please understand Haydee (or the substitute talent) has arranged other work around the date and time agreed upon and last minute changes will not always be possible to accommodate. If a change of date and/or time is requested, Haydee will make every effort to accommodate. If the changes are not possible, the remaining balance will not be due but the deposit will not be refunded.
  17. Amendments: This contract can only be modified if both parties agree. This includes the date and time of performance, the length of the show, the number of dancers, the type of show, etc.
  18. Additional Requests: Haydee will make every effort to include any additional requests when possible but it is not guaranteed.
  19. This booking is not confirmed until a confirmation notice is received from Haydee.  If the booking conflicts with an event previously scheduled, you will be contacted by Haydee to attempt to resolve the conflict. If the conflict cannot be resolved, the deposit will be refunded and the booking will be terminated.